sex sells shoes, mobile phones, etc and so on

Agency Tart, which is always a good read, posted about a John White shoe ad that prominently featured a woman in very sexy underwear. And somehow, wouldn’t you know it, I got dragged into it (if only I got dragged into the shoot).

Agency Tart figured out a key part of the creative process – the whims of the creative director.One of the reasons she identified as why is ad got made: The creative director/client hasn’t had sex in months and just had to see a naked chick…I’m guessing there were multiple takes and lots of “adjusting the lighting”.

I am absolutely positive that this was one of the reasons this ad was made.

Everyone has a story like this…including a buddy at Fallon who worked on the Virgin Mobile account and did this ad:

The girl, who was being shot on a street in the middle of the day in Manhattan, wanted to be completely naked. She didn’t have to be, as you can see from the fuzziness around her, um, areas, but she actually asked to be completely naked for the shoot.

And the creative team took all that extra time because they just wanted to make sure that they got just the right take…


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