evolutionary isn’t going to do it

I like copy-driven ads because, let’s face it, without them I would have to do something else with my life. And I just don’t have all that many marketable skills.

Anyway, though I like copy-heavy ads, I struggle with this one from 22squared via Ads of the World:


I like the line. The “thanks, thanks a lot” fortune sounds a lot like what I am worried about happening to me (note to self: spending all of your money on beer and crayons is not a good long-term strategy) and actually got me to spend some time with the ad.

That is critical for long copy ads especially. If your intro line doesn’t get you in, it’s not like the design is going to…and this headline got me to read further.

And that is my issue with this ad: the design is just like every other financial services long copy ad. It’s just like every other financial services ad in general, for that matter.

To paraphrase Tangerine Toad, the ad is evolutionary but it needs to be revolutionary. Everyone is looking at finance and saving and “your future” in the same way and that doesn’t make sense. Retirees are changing, life span is changing, wealth and expectations after retirement – it’s all changing, but the advertising is staying the same.

Someone needs to step up and change the game.


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