my coke rewards makes it happen

I am old enough to remember the Marlboro rewards catalog. As a kid I always seemed to want something from it even though neither I nor anyone in my family smoked and I can’t imagine that it would have been all that cool to turn up to middle school in Southern California a Marlboro-branded NASCAR jacket.

But still, for whatever reason, I wanted something from that darn catalog.

Recent times have seen the end of all those marketing efforts by cigarette companies, but not in general. MyCokeRewards has taken the torch and is leading the way.

AdPulp has a post about the surging traffic to CPG websites, including this helpful chart:


I never drink Coke, but anytime I get one of those under the cap codes I always lose the cap before entering it online. However, MyCokeRewards still gets enough traffic to rank second among CPG sites in quarterly unique visitors.

Good thing too because since the end of the Marlboro catalog, kids haven’t had enough unhealthy companies enticing them to buy more through a targeted loyalty program.


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