adfreak’s freakiest ad moment of 2007

AdFreak has a fun little thing going on: a March Madness-style bracketed tournament where readers vote on the Freakiest Ad Moment of 2007.

By the way, it’s weird to think that it is still 2007. I feel like I have spent the past three months only talking about 2008 to the point that I have no clue what year this is. It could also be the effect of the Stoli O and 7UP from the other day. You never know.

Round 1 is posted and needs your vote. So don’t delay! Hurry over to AdFreak and have your say. It doesn’t get better than having to choose between Orville Deadenbacher, a Severed-arms DVD promo, the New Zealand Yellow Pages’ tarantula hands and France’s bestial anti-smoking ads.

Bestiality is always the most freaky thing on the list and that’s my vote, but don’t let me sway you.


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