drinking in the office with the pretty ae

On Fridays our agency usually takes a break in the late afternoon to have a drink and socialize in the myriad of typically ad agency places to socialize here in our office. People play Sonic on our XBox, they sit in the diner-like booths in the kitchen, they shoot rubber bands from the offices near the corners of hallways or they, like The Pretty AE and I did, sit on the couches and chat.

In this case, while drinking Stoli O and Diet 7UP.

I was sitting there enjoying my drink while The Pretty AE prattled on in the endearing way of hers…when I realized that the drink was really strong. The Pretty AE told me that it was about 75% vodka.

That is a problem.

Or, rather, the fact that it took me until I was almost finished with the drink to realize it was 75% vodka is the problem. Though, on the plus side, I felt positively like a Mad Man with my stiff drink in the office while talking to a pretty girl.

It would be completely Mad Men if only I could get her to sleep with me…


4 responses to “drinking in the office with the pretty ae

  1. How come she doesn’t read this site? Is it a secret to everyone you work with?

  2. I haven’t told anyone at my agency.

    Though I have often wondered about the outcome if she stumbled on it and guessed it was me…

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  4. I know this post is old and I don’t know if you get some sort of alert as to when someone has made a new comment on an old entry, but what if she has come across this site and has figured out that she is the pretty ae? Would you be mad if she knew, but didn’t let on to it?

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