ad agencies just wanna have fun

Our office is in a building with other companies, but on our floor three other companies share a bathroom with us. It’s kind of weird to have to walk by the receptionist and out of the office every time…but you do what you gotta do.

The bathroom has no windows and, when the lights are off, is the darkest room I have ever been in.

You may be asking yourself, “self, why was he in the bathroom without the lights on?” That is a good question. I didn’t plan to. Instead, Bozo the Clown, the lead CD at my agency, thought that it would be funny to lay in wait for people and turn the lights off on them when they went in. It is pretty funny actually (in a, this-would-have-been-better-if-I-did-it-to-my-friends-in-college-why-didn’t-I-think-about-it-then kind of way).

As long as it’s not you in there when the lights go out.

The main issue is the collateral damage – the people from other companies who are caught in the crossfire. They are always upset when the lights go off and they are stuck in the dark. And now they are fighting back.

I give it until New Year’s before the building management has those lights on a motion sensor.


One response to “ad agencies just wanna have fun

  1. My office has a bathroom like that. Sometimes I accidentally close the door and the lights are off. It’s awesome, I could go in there and meditate. Which I do sometimes. Too bad I have to eventually come out and face reality though.

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