good times at the company holiday party

With the exception of this TV spot that I am working on that is all illustration (and, though the illustrator is an exceptional talent, he is also exceptionally slow) and is setting new records for behind schedule, this is the first December that has not been I-will-break-my-own-leg-for-time-off busy.

Which leaves me time to blog.

And to consider the holiday party which, in the case of my company, is next Thursday. I am excited about this, though everywhere I turn it seems that people are warning me that it might be the thing that causes me to lose my job.

Blogging on company time might be what causes me to lose my job. But I digress.

AdFreak is excitedly counting “on at least a few merry-makers to derail their careers through some memorably stupid antics” and Creative Group is offering advice to all of us on how to act at the company holiday party:

“Office parties, no matter how festive, are still business functions. Any indication that you lack good judgment is a strike against you professionally.”

The good thing about this industry is that people give you a lot of leeway for minor indiscretions. Not that you can let lose and, say, shit your pants at a party like a Mediaedge staffer did a few years back, but you can get away with a lot.

At our last company holiday party I ended up kicked out of the bar because I said (yelled) “I will smack your face off with your own hand” to a friend of mine…but unfortunately the bartender thought I said it to her. One hot minute later, I was being escorted out the door by two big dudes.

Of course, everyone thought that I had just decided it was time to leave. So I kinda lucked out with that one.

And, most importantly, there was no photographic proof that could be used against me the next day…unlike this shot of a Leo Burnett staffer at their holiday party last year (courtesy of, and more pics at, Agency Spy):


Lack of evidence of any alcohol-induced idiocy is key.


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