vitamin water calls out the competition

Brand Flakes for Breakfast is reporting that Vitamin Water is going hard after the competition – their competition is, surprisingly, Red Bull and Monster energy drinks, with this direct mail piece:


I like it when (challenger) brands go directly after their competition. From a consumer perspective, I feel like there really is a difference because they care enough to make a direct comparison. That direct comparison is even better with a direct mail that includes competitive product.

From an advertiser perspective, it’s one of those expensive plays that always seems to be effective and conversion and buzz-building. It’s because, due mainly to the expense and that fact that many products aren’t demonstrably better than the competition, this gambit always seems fresh and bold.

Diet 7UP did something similar last year when they offered a Taste Challenge Kit to consumers that included the reformulated Diet 7UP as well as the diets from Sierra Mist and Sprite:


A smart next move would be to track and advertise, if the numbers are positive of course, the consumers’ choice. And come back with a similar program in 2008 for those who want to make sure that the consumers who made the call in 2007 got it right.

That’s one man’s thought, at least.


One response to “vitamin water calls out the competition

  1. Nicely done. I had no idea they did a DM piece like this…very interesting. I love redbull, but my loyalty lies with Vitamin Water and I’ve yet to find a beverage with marketing even close to comparable.


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