things get weird over at grey

The creative department at Grey (they have a creative department?) apparently has to move from their swanky digs at the top of the Death Star down to the second floor. Chief Creative Officer Tor Myrhen is not all that happy about it:

Why is it that all the creatives at Grey seem to be bald?

Is there something in the water? Radiation from the Death Star? Is it just that stressful to move floors?

Anyway, this video is a perfect example of Grey’s work: sort of an interesting idea that isn’t developed to the point that it is really funny or interesting and then executed in a ho-hum sort of way. After watching this video, I really wish that I had those two minutes back.

If I could do it all over again, I would watch this video from Crispin, Porter + Bogusky:

Unlike the movie from Grey, CPB’s makes me want to go work there.

Even though I could never feel safe taking a vacation.


4 responses to “things get weird over at grey

  1. Thanks for the fun and informative site. The Ronnie spot I remember was Morning in America done by Phil Dusenberry and his former band of merrymakers at BBDO.

    The same team was responsible for another equally socially responsible campaign: Life, What a Beautiful Choice spots for anti-abortion. (Why can’t I find even one on utube?) Their politics sucked, but they sure knew how to market.

  2. Whatever your political views, it’s clear that some campaigns get it and others don’t. You have to know how to market…or at least how to market better than the drivel that passes for advertising from most campaigns, if you are going to have a shot. Especially in politics – everyone complains about money and its malignant affect, but brands run into this problem all the time. And brands overcome it.

    Politicians can too.

    Ron Paul is an example of someone who really gets this marketing thing:

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