fallon gets their mojo back

The recent troubles at Fallon have been documented so thoroughly that I am not even going to provide links to any articles. The industry has been carpet-bombed with them.

The main issue, raised over and over again, is that Fallon hired and promoted the wrong people to replace those who left. There has been a lot of talk over who is most culpable, but the good news is that Fallon has finally made a good personnel decision.

Three, actually.

By promoting John King (33), to the newly created position of director of brand innovation, Amy Sheil (35), to director of media, and Adam Chorney (30), to director of connection planning, Fallon is staking its future on young, hungry people with buckets of talent.

Sort of how they made it to the top in the first place.

This is a very bold, yet very good move because it brings some of the fire and passion and unbridled ambition to achieve great things that had been lost (when Fallon was at the top of their game and attracting people who had already achieved big). I expect a big turnaround at the iconic Minneapolis shop.

They’ve found their mojo again.


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