adomatica’s cool weekly feature

The blog Adomatica, which is a more Austin and interactive-centric look at the ad business, has a feature that I really like. It’s called “Who’s Watching Who” and is a list of agencies that have read the blog or contacted the blogger in the last week:


Too bad the idea has already been done, otherwise I am well tempted to copy it.

It’s a great idea because not only does it give a little bit of institutional credibility to his blog – immediately I thought “wow, people from Crispin and GSD&M are reading his blog” – and a little bit of interest – I also though “hey, did someone from the same Circle One that contacted me contact him, weird” – but it gives the company that contacts him a good bit of SEO as well.

A fair trade, especially with Tribble Ad Agency out there ready to pounce on any agency that drops the ball on SEO.


2 responses to “adomatica’s cool weekly feature

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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