consumers do better work than chiat/day, says absolut

Copyranter has the lead on a direct marketing campaign for Absolut Vodka that is soliciting work from “creative professionals” for the next iteration of the new, not all that great, Absolut World campaign.   

For some reason, they think that the ‘ranter is Andy Warhol. Somebody should tell them that Andy Warhol is dead.


And the advertising copywriters, including yours truly, are nothing like Andy Warhol. Though some try to be (especially while drunk at a bar in Midtown where it seems that EVERYONE is posing as – or actually is – a copywriter).

You can pitch them ideas directly, and if you’re lucky (or if you’re an “Exclusive Absolut Visionary”) they might even use yours.

When this whole user-generated content thing began I was a little on the fence about it. On the one hand, it was unique and differentiating to let consumers get involved and actually help to shape the brand. But consumers aren’t professional and much of the stuff that was created wasn’t all that great and, more importantly, not that many people were participating.

From an agency perspective though, it’s bad news. If all you have is the idea to let consumers do the work, what do marketing departments need you for? Dr Pepper’s marketing team already came up with a better marketing idea than Y&R ever did and if the next evolution of advertising is to let consumers (or “creative professionals”) do the work, what is the point of the agency?

To quote Copyranter, “What’s the matter TBWA\Chiat\Day? You creative visionaries out of ideas already?”


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