a dated campaign that still works? priceless.

MasterCard has had a good thing going with its “Priceless” campaign.  One might even say that the campaign is destined to be one of those famous campaigns that people will harken back to years from now to emphasize just how much more creative advertising was in the 90s. 

The issue is that it’s not the 90s anymore.  

And the “Priceless” campaign is getting a little worn out. It is so iconic, so recognizably MasterCard that it is hard to move away from.  But it is also difficult to keep evolving it in new, interesting and brand-building directions.  I sort of get what it is saying now without having to engage with the brand.   

That said, McCann Erickson can still come up with an ad or two in this campaign that hits at a human truth and makes me chuckle: 


Though I might just be chuckling because I did this exact thing this morning after my dog peed on my rug while I was hunting for its leash so I could take the little guy out.  

Ad via Ads of the World


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