maximize your creativity

Life Clever has some good advice on how to maximize your creativity. Since I am in the middle of the twice-yearly update of my book and am very disappointed in its quality, I found the post especially interesting.

Any little edge helps and, true to form, instead of spending my time actually improving my work, I spent my time looking for tips for how to improve my work.

In the post, Life Clever has 15 suggested ways to recharge your brain:

“Go for a brisk walk
Take a nap
Lie in a nearby park or on a bench and watch the clouds go by
Listen to music or even podcast novels
Browse a local bookstore
Stroll through a nearby art gallery
Get a coffee in a cafe and read the paper or, even better, a gossip magazine
Hit the gym
Meditate or do yoga
Hang out at the local dog run and get in touch with your animal nature
Window shop
Sit on the corner and sketch buildings
Memorize poetry
Get a massage
Do math problems or crosswords”

What is missing from that list? You guessed it: do NOT work every day of every weekend.

That is the Official Advice for Maximizing Creativity of the Daily (Ad) Biz blog (so you know the information is good). And this weekend, I am following it. Much to my own joy.

Let’s hope that I get back into the office on Monday all creative and stuff.


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