disingenuous advertising at its best

I am all about the environment…but I am not all about bad advertising, whether it’s for a good cause or not. Like this public service ad by Stark Communications, a publisher out of Bangalore, India:


You are a publisher. You want people to read your books and magazines, you want more advertising revenue and that means that you want ads printed…maybe not PSAs, but you want people to read ads and to have more paper laying about – it’s your entire business.

The line is cute and all, but you’re fooling nobody.

Stark is like a girl I used to work with who was good at posturing like she was greener than thou while driving around the corner to get lunch every day in her SUV. She didnt’ want to be better for the environment herself, she just wanted everyone else to be. Stark doesn’t want you to use less of the paper that they produce, just less of the other paper.

Very classy.

[CORRECTION: Though Stark World, the publisher, owns Stark Communications, the ad agency, this print ad was the sole work and responsibility of the agency. Which changes things at least slightly – sure, it’s still an ad printed on paper talking about using less paper, but getting the good work out, it could be argued, is worth it – and definitely puts Stark’s heart in the right place. As their owner commented in the comments section. Apologies to all for the mis-attribution.]


2 responses to “disingenuous advertising at its best

  1. Dear dailybiz,
    I’d pointed out in a comment a little while ago that Stark Communications (website… http://www.starkgroup.net/home.html) is an ad agency. The comment hasn’t appeared. And you haven’t changed the ‘disingenuous’ slant of your post.

    To recap, the publishing company you are alluding to is ‘Stark World’ (as is your hyperlink) – a part of business group that also includes us – but in no way related to this ad. And, like I said earlier, we had our heart in the right place when we did this contender for Not-likely-to-be-an-award-contender-at-Cannes ad.

    Please please please, clarify the issue to your readers.

    Thanks you & regards,
    Shanty Mathew.

  2. @Shanty Mathew: Apologies for mis-attributing your work to the Stark World publishing house.

    Things do change knowing that the work came from an agency and not in-house from a publishing company and I am sure that your heart was in the right place…it is still a little funny to use a print piece to talk about using less paper, but you only have certain resources available to advertise with…

    I will add a clarification to the post today.

    As for the comment, I have been having issues with the comments on this site and apologize for missing your earlier attempt to post on this.

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