the website project drags on

We are still working on this new agency website thing, though hopefully not too much longer. We plan to launch for the first of the year. Which is not a moment too soon.

If it happens.

I am currently on the third iteration of writing this website and Bozo the Clown has now tasked me with making the copy more serious, more business-like (a week after telling me that we needed to show off our personality a little more…sigh). That is okay, I guess, though it’s not really the personality of this agency. Also, I worry that writing the site so it is too business-like will mean that it just becomes another website full of meaningless marketing generalities.

There are enough of those around. And, to paraphrase Adomatica, “one should hire agencies who refuse glittering generalities—who are skeptical of assumption, hyperbole and preconception.”

And have a little personality.

Like the website for Toy, which I have always liked for its simplicity, ease of use and engaging copy that conveys the company’s personality without being silly:


Too bad Toy’s website is so hard to find through a search engine…


One response to “the website project drags on

  1. Hi Ad(Biz)

    I just thought I’d let you know that quote from Adomatica should be attributed to my studio, they were in fact quoting us in our Manifesto. Just nice to share…


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