sour grapes & expensive cars

According to AdFreak, “’tis the season for luxury car commercials that make the non-rich feel horrible.”

Which, when you read further and realize that he is angry that some people have the means to give expensive luxury cars to others as gifts, really just sounds like sour grapes. Not that I give or have (or will) get an expensive luxury car as a gift, but I don’t mind that others do.

It’s their money. As long as they made it legally, I don’t care that they have it.

As long as they spend it on things that I advertise, I don’t care how excessive they may be.

And even if they don’t spend their money on something that I advertise, I am not all that bothered because this is America and I am not one to tell people what to do with their own money. It may not be what I would do with it (I would spend it on clients’ products, beer and crayons mainly), but who really cares?

It always fascinates me that advertisers, of all people, will so actively disdain consumers’ purchase behavior. Guys, we WANT them to have sometimes impulsive purchases. We NEED them to (occasionally) indulge by buying things they don’t really need. Our GOAL is to make people buy brands. So when they do, why do we rip on them?

As if people in the business are any different.

I love cars. Always have. Should I have the disposable income, perhaps one day I will treat myself:


This is one of my favorite auto print ads ever. The photography and art direction is fantastic, the headline is one of my very favorite and the car just happens to be one of those really expensive cars that is so hot that it seems completely worth it.

And not just because The Pretty AE likes it.


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