ignoring seo just might make sense

If there is one blog that will pick up on negativity in the midst of euphoria, it’s The Daily (Ad) Biz: Tribble Ad Agency is ripping on Minneapolis agency Olson + Company because of their webpage design. Or, rather, their SEO which “they either don’t care about… or they have no clue about.”

That is certainly a counter-balance to glowing profiles here, here and, of course, here.

An Olson staffer responds that the agency is the first hit for a Google search of “olson” which, to Tribble, is all well and good, but they are non-existent in a search for “advertising agency.”

As Tribble says:

“SEO is more than ‘ranking for your domain name” it includes keyword researching, finding out what the clients needs are.. and ranking them for it…

Ranking Oracle for the word “Oracle” isn’t the challenge.. it’s ranking it for “database”

Ranking KBToy Store for “KBtoy store” wasn’t hard … it was ranking it for “toy store”

I think you get the point… you need to rank for the industry and work that you do to generate a positive ROI…”

Though Olson’s Flash-designed website hampers it in terms of searchability of its content (like if a prospective client wanted to find the agency that did that great launch of Phillips UV vodka, as an example relevant to Olson), does it really need to rank on “advertising agency” as much as KB Toys might for “toy store”?

Is any prospective client doing an agency search by Googling “ad agency” and then calling the top shops? Is any prospective client searching for an agency by searching any general Google terms?

I think that Tribble is being far too hard on Olson and other agencies.

Tribble is being especially hard on Olson because the main point of their, and any, agency website is to impress potential clients with hot design – and Flash is the best way to catch the eye with cool design and motion. If you are not worried about people searching for you with general terms, why make the trade-off away from a Flash-heavy site?

I am not saying that agencies should completely ignore SEO or that Olson has a fantastic site, but rather that an agency website has different objectives than other sites – searchability just is not as critical as showing off your design.


4 responses to “ignoring seo just might make sense

  1. I agree that Tribble is being to hard on Olson and other agencies that have full flash sites. If they call out Olson then you have to call out CP+B, W+K, Goodby, TBWA, BBDO, DDB…the list goes on and on. If you search “miami advertising agency” Cripin Porter isn’t even on the first page. Do you think that has stopped them from getting new work? I believe that CMO or Marketing Person In Charge calls up the company that they saw the commercial they liked. Asked them who does their creative and what is their address. Goes to the website and looks at the portfolio. However small agencies, like the one I work for, can benefit from SEO when smaller companies not connected into the whos-who of advertising go and search for agencies in their local neighborhood.

    Love the blog. Keep it going. I feel your pain with my own Associate Bozo the Clown.

  2. Talking about flashy site, in SEO point it will get a bad mark. But flash-design still needed in web designing. Maybe it use different strategy to promote the website…

  3. Who the hell find a perspective ad agency by searching “Ad agency” in google?

    This is a ridiculous criteria to judge an agency by. It’s not a toy store. It’s an ad agency. And any CMO worth his salary will already have a fair idea of the agencies out there doing the type of work they want.

    Part of the reason agencies have “fancy” sites is because it’s the first example of their work. Meaning, if they can’t make themselves look impressive, how are they going to make their clients look impressive. The agency site is part of the creative portfolio. And while Tribble makes some good points, they have definitely lost sight of the human side of websites and are just obsessed with the numbers.

  4. Prospective clients are not the only target for any ad agency’s website, potential talents are very important and they do Google to find where they would like to work.

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