the chicken crossed the road…to get to his audi

A few people have emailed asked me to post an ad that I have done. Whether they are doing this to see if I have the creative chops to actually comment on advertising, to find work that they can make fun of or if they just want to work backwards to my (semi-secret) identity, I don’t know.

I suspect the former as nobody seems to care all that much who I am.

Scamp has posted some of his work, and it’s of the sort of quality that you would expect:


It’s one of those ads that is so simple that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Perhaps it has, but I’ve never seen it. The clean art direction and witty, wink-and-a-smile hook are hallmarks of a good ad.

My only reservation is the color, which is very gray. But you have heard that before.

All in all, a very well done ad, as Scamp’s readers would also agree.

One of these days I will dig up some work to post that I am responsible for…ad school work – that way you get some work by The Daily (Ad) Biz himself, I keep my anonymity and there will be more advertising out there on the internet to make fun of. Win, win, win.


3 responses to “the chicken crossed the road…to get to his audi

  1. That is a great Ad idea for Audi.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m not indigenous, but quite frankly I don’t get it. A hen, and Audi, a piece of tarmac in between – huh? Maybe there is en idiom behind it?

  3. There is a children’s joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” that this ad plays off of. Probably only relevant in Britain and the United States.

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