peta and the d-list

As a diehard carnivore, this vegetarian thing is not something that I really understand. But as a dog owner and outdoorsy guy, I am all for the ethical treatment of animals…but PETA just aren’t doing it for me.

Their ad campaign has been awful from before they showed Steve-O naked.

And it isn’t getting any better:


There is nothing intrinsically wrong with using celebrities in advertising, but using D-List celebrities? In one way it is good because I was sort of worried that Kelly Bundy had died or something and now I know that she hasn’t, but the D-List strategy is otherwise mystifying.

I won’t get into the copy and art direction because if you’re reading this blog you have either just gotten back from washing out the puke from your mouth or already know what I am going to say.

Agency Spy quotes an interview where Ms Applegate says that she couldn’t become a vegetarian because she couldn’t “eat something that has been alive.”

Neither could my college roommate – he pretty much only ate potato chips and drank soda for at least two years on the trot. Apparently, that makes him more legitimately vegetarian than someone who hatefully eats things like lettuce and tomatoes…you know, things that were alive. But I digress.

The Gap, however predictable their ads and in-store materials are, has this celebrity thing down. See, they use celebrities that are actually popular:


I am not sure that the celebrities are actually helping their sales, though Black Friday consumer spending is up 22%. I can say with conviction, however, that The Gap is doing better than they would if they tapped up the D-List.


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