branding on a budget with sunoco and twin fin

Not being an art director, I have a great appreciation for what they do. I self-servingly blog that great copy is what makes an ad while recognizing that, as the Denver Egoist puts it, art directors have the inherently harder, more time-consuming job.

Especially when art directors are stuck having to make an ad look hot with limited means. Like using only a CD of client-approved images. Yet, somehow they do it.

This outdoor ad by Circle One for Sunoco has apparently been so popular that it is regularly torn down from gas stations and other locations and put up for sale on eBay. That is the sign of a good ad:


Oh, and the ad was done with just a few images provided by the client. And some cool Photoshop brushes.

I have worked with clients that demand One Show-quality work without wanting to pay for more than a few hours of creative time and with no hope for a photo shoot. There were times when we were lucky if they would send an eps logo and spring for some royalty-free images on Shutterstock. Which at least kept me busy as we would inevitably gravitate toward copy-driven ads. So I had that going for me. Which was nice.

But must be maddening for art directors.

Minneapolis-based Group One did a complete branding campaign, including packaging, advertising and in-store for Constellation Wines’ Twin Fin brand with elements from one stock photography CD:


Oh, and they didn’t buy out the art so if you’re interested in re-creating this very cool design for your nascent wine brand, it’s all yours.

They would probably deserve it for being so cheap.


2 responses to “branding on a budget with sunoco and twin fin

  1. When you know what the artwork is at the start of the assignment, it’s actually a lot easier to come up with something decent.

    It’s when you pretend there’s going to be a photo shoot.
    Or a paid stock search
    Or a royalty-free stock search
    That’s when you get into trouble.

  2. For some reason it really bothers me that the bikes in that ad aren’t really centered. I guess it’s the designer in me.

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