bird’s eye is tastier than frozen food corp of america

I am getting caught up from the holiday which means, contrary to the expectations of my boss Bozo the Clown, that I am reading all the blogs that I slacked off on reading while I was away. Which means that I have spent considerable time over at AdScam, where George Parker is wondering “what’s in a name?”

“It really doesn’t matter what you call stuff, as long as you spend a shitload of money behind it. Can you image someone saying to a client, you have these wonderful frozen foods that we will promote as being fresh, nourishing, tasty, etc. And, we’re going to call them “Birds Eye!” Is there anything you would be less likely to put in your pie hole than a fucking bird’s eye?”

He brings up a good point, and I was just wondering the same thing last night as I was on…why name a bookstore after a South American rainforest? And why would I go there to shop before I would ever consider something like

Beyond the amount of money spent to drive my preference for Amazon or Bird’s Eye or any other random brand name over another, more straightforward one, I suspect that people want something a little offbeat. or or Frozen Food Corporation of America all sound more downmarket than, say, or Edmunds or Bird’s Eye. Brand names differentiate and give people something to identify with…and sometimes, in the case of frozen foods, I may not actually want to be reminded of what the company does.

I do, however, want an original and not overly descriptive brand name.

I will love the brand for the product it provides and the branding around it, not the name itself.

I have no real reason why this is (give me a break, I am just back from vacation). But I would love reader thoughts on this…


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