i’m baaack

It’s amazing how, immediately prior to going back to work after a long vacation, I feel completely motivated, rejuvenated, hopeful and even a little bit excited to get back into it. Hopefully, this feeling doesn’t fade immediately after I enter the office.

If it sticks with me until I sit down at my desk, that would be good for me.

Considering how well things went with my dog since I’ve been back – we had a great reuniting when I picked him up at my friends’ house, shared a treat back at my place and then he pooped all over the floor and has been spending the evening walking over to me, sitting down, ripping the smelliest farts and then walking off – work can’t be a whole lot worse.

Though one never knows.

Life is a lot more work than it seemed it would be when I was a kid. BBDO New York hits that truth right on the head with this campaign, available in full at Ads of the World. I even think I did this workout last week before I left for vacation:



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