effective or not, it should still be creative

I know that this ad is reported to be effective. I imagine that the reports are true as it still seems to run. And yes, effectiveness is one measure of good advertising. But this ad is a turkey (as you can tell, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner):

Creativity is what sets us apart and, though sometimes showing the product and its benefit, or even just a gigantic product shot is all that is called for…


…marketers should do better. Because the success of an ad isn’t just measured in what it does for sales. Really, it isn’t. It’s also, and in some cases primarily, about building your brand.

At some time your unique point of difference is going to be gone, and you will live or die based on the strength of your brand. And you are not building your brand with annoying commercials. You are shooting for short-term growth only.

Heineken may have more of an argument for what they are doing, since it is a new product launch and there is a halo around the Heineken name from the base brand advertising. Head On, however, has no excuse.

Don’t tell me that your ad is effective and only measure it by sales. If you do, I will smack you with a hot, juicy shank of turkey and turn you out.


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