goody and silverstein are fighting the last election

Leaving out any political affiliation or bias, politics not being the focus of this blog, the dynamic duo of Goodby and Silverstein have done a bad political ad:


The ad is, obviously, one for the Democrats and, according to AdAge, is part of a campaign that hopes to put a Democrat in the White House in 2008.

I know that the Democratic base is still awful upset by George W. Bush and all that, but someone ought to remind them that George W. Bush is not running in 2008.

It’s like Starbucks Coffee advertising that their coffee tastes better than Sanka.

Why spend all that time and money attacking a man that is not running for President, especially when the Republican candidates aren’t exactly rushing to align themselves with him? It’s not a good campaign, it’s just catharsis for politically frustrated ad men. Which is fine, I guess.

It may be all that is needed considering the weakness of the current Republican candidates., but it is not good advertising.


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