buick reminds america that it used to be crap

I am in Minnesota for the holiday and, as such, I am seeing a lot more American cars than I do when I am in New York. Thanks to my grandparents and their friends, I have even seen a couple of Buicks…and I hadn’t seen one of those in years.

The new Buick Lucerne has, surprisingly to many who have written off American cars forever, garnered strong reviews. The styling is in no way offensive, though not exactly exciting:


American car companies and their agencies know that it is a challenge for consumers to look past the brand and accept an American car for its actual quality and features and all that because of the tarnished past that those brands have. I am all for truth in advertising, but why remind consumers that your brand was a disaster for over thirty years…


This banner is from the Wall Street Journal online and Adverganza likes it because of the pulsating animation that was “unobtrusive and noticeable at the same time.” That the animation is pleasantly effective may be true. But it still leads with “Buick has rejustified its existence.”

Sorry, but that is not exactly the type of line that is going to get me to consider Buick.

It’s the type of line that makes me remember just why I haven’t ever considered Buick in the past and why I probably won’t in the future. The strategy behind this is terrible, and no amount of pulsating effect will overcome that.

One response to “buick reminds america that it used to be crap

  1. Geee.. I really like Buicks.

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