lowe’s gives in to the easily offended

Offending someone is the greatest evil that can be done in our modern, PC world. Woe be to him/her (don’t want to offend anyone by using a “gendered” pronoun) who dares to say something that is not approved by the PC police…like Christmas tree.

The fact is, some people might be offended that a decorated evergreen tree – a tree that does not just belong to Christians and could be decorated for any number of secular reasons – is described as a Christmas tree. Some people might be offended that I have even said Christmas without a disclaimer.

Those people are ridiculous and should laughed at. Lowe’s, I am talking to you.


Adrants has called out the retailer for calling Christmas trees family trees in their “Holiday” catalog. Family trees? If you are going to act like a PC loonie, at least come up with a better name for it. Like Non-denominational Deciduously-challenged Completely Secular Decoration Log…available only at Lowe’s.

Speaking of offended, I am offended that the agency, marketing department and legal team over at Lowe’s thought that “family trees” was a good idea.

They deserve all the scorn they are going to get.


One response to “lowe’s gives in to the easily offended

  1. Thank you for your post! I’m currently in the process of writing one myself on the subject of this whole concept of “offending” others. Hopefully, it’ll be up in the next few days (http://whereschristmas.wordpress.com/). Merry Christmas!

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