what is the point of y&r?

It’s not all the often that Y&R is in the news. It’s one of those agencies that was pretty cool when my Dad was taking advertising classes in college, but has since then not done a whole lot of note.


Despite relatively frequent changes at the top…changes that, if you look at the work or listen to George Parker, just don’t ever seem to pan out.

Young & (un)Remarkable is making another big change, bringing in Tony Granger from Saatchi & Saatchi. While this move seems to make sense considering the success Granger had getting Saatchi to the top of its game, I don’t really like Y&R, and anyway think that too many changes at the top just mean that you have no clue who you are.

Outside of tenure on Madison Avenue, what defines Y&R? There is nothing about their work that makes you say “that’s Y&R work.” They churn out ads that are safe and sort of boring and call it a day.

Maybe Granger will change that, but first he has to figure out the point of Y&R. Who are they? What do they stand for? What kind of work do they do?

Being big and having a name that appears in Mad Men just isn’t enough.


One response to “what is the point of y&r?

  1. Y&R is one of many big agencies that have ceased to stand for anything and are more or less a bunch of random accounts all housed in the same building.

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