bad agency websites

It’s one thing if your average corporation has a boring, utilitarian website. It’s sort of expected. After all, most corporations are sort of boring and utilitarian.

Agencies, on the other hand, should never have boring and utilitarian websites. Well, utilitarian maybe. There is nothing worse than an agency with a website that is unclear and difficult to use. If you can’t be clear and drive action with work for your own agency, why would I think that your consumer-facing work would be any different? But boring? An agency should never be boring.

AdPulp reports that WhittmanHart Interactive is behind the game development of Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracy. Their website actually made me throw up in my mouth:


I think that I designed a website that looked like this about ten years ago when I just learned basic HTML and had a page at Angelfire. Even uber-corporate GE has a better looking, if vaguely similar, website:


One would think that an interactive agency would have something compelling on their website. It doesn’t have to be lame and hokey like the “kill the lemmings” game the BEN Marketing has (on every. single. page.), but there should be something interesting on or about their site.


Anyway, back to DEWmocracy. TracyLocke is another of the roster of agencies that works on Pepsi brands and, compared to WhittmanHart, they get this web design thing. I don’t love the site, but it’s functional, easy-to-use, branded, etc and so on.


How is it that an agency like TracyLocke has a better, more engaging website (let’s forget, for a moment, that it’s built in Flash and searchability is an issue, we’re just talking design right now) than a company that specializes in this webbernet stuff?

Why do agencies think this sort of thing is okay?

When will they get a clue?


2 responses to “bad agency websites

  1. Not sure where you got your information, but it is inaccurate. TracyLocke had nothing to do with the concept of DEWmocracy. Nor did they do any of the design. They aren’t even mentioned in the Pepsi press release for this campaign. The concept was a joint effort of Protagonist and WhittmanHart and the opening video piece was exec produced by Forest Whitaker. WhittmanHart designed and programmed the site experience.

  2. Bill, looking at the press release, it appears that my source was ill informed. My apologies to the agencies responsible for the DEWmocracy work (Protagonist and WhittmanHart). I don’t like TracyLocke all that much anyway.

    I will correct this error when I next get to writing. Thanks for the heads-up.

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