minneapolis isn’t in decline, it’s just not out of decline either

Minneapolis advertising has had a tough time of it lately…and not just Fallon.

Campbell-Mithun had to hire another agency to re-brand itself.

Carmichael Lynch won Subaru without a pitch, but only after they lost Porsche.

Martin/Williams has held steady, which is nice, but the charger shops in the area, like Olson + Company, Colle + McVoy and Periscope haven’t been able to land the big client that makes people stand up and start talking about how Minneapolis advertising is back on the map.

Agency Spy revels in it a bit (thanks for bringing up Prince) before coming back to earth, concluding that we’re all drama queens about the whole thing and quoting Denny Haley, president of the Minneapolis office of BBDO, for backup. Haley points out the often overlooked truth when folks talk about the city’s ad business: “Minneapolis’ success had been so dramatic in the ’80s and ’90s that when it plateaued [in recent years] it seemed like it declined. It’s not as much in the doldrums as people convey.”

I would love to believe him. But having run from the carnage, knowing others who have run from it as well, and having had no less than three friends contact me this month alone because they are worried about how slow things are…yikes.

Minneapolis advertising has always been more than just Fallon. But Fallon’s ascendence really helped matters, especially on the job market front. Let’s hope that the city’s ship rights itself naturally in the next few years.

At some point, I’d like to move back home.


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