every car has a color

I came across yet another wonderfully shot ad by DDB Milan, this one for the Audi Q7:


DDB Milan seems to lean on photographers Winkler & Noah for a good portion of their work, and rightly so. Not only do they always do very good work, but the home page of their website is a big picture of a woman’s breast.

Nothing wrong with that.

Back to the Audi ad. Like I said, I love the shot, with its attention to detail and the dog staring down the car, I love the “makes everything else go pale” line (it even sounds good in translation) and think that this is a solid, upscale auto ad. My only nitpick is with the color of the car.

Every car has its color. The one color that brings out the beauty of its design more than any other. On a Ferrari, any Ferrari, it is red. The BMW 5 Series needs that classic midnight blue (to hide the oddities of its “flame surfacing”). The new Jaguar looks best in a silver that shows off the sleek lines of the metal and seems to be straining to contain the power of the engine.

The Q7, especially when it makes everything else pale, needs more color.

I don’t which color is best for the car, though one of the agency partners has a very sleek black Q7. But it needs something (or I need something to complain about).

Either way, it is a small nitpick.


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