the brickman olson project

Olson + Company, a hot and growing quickly ad agency in that hotbed of talent, Minneapolis, has come out with a new way to use Facebook to keep tabs on (and attract?) ad professionals from the area.

Called the Brickman Olson Project, it is basically a Facebook page for the agency.


Or, rather, for agency recruiting. Because they are reaching out to employees of other agencies in Minneapolis and to people who have worked at other agencies in Minneapolis even if they have since moved on (like yours truly). So far, they have primarily targeted Fallon (but who is not picking on Fallon these days), sending friend requests and building up quite a roster of talent.

This is the way that your brand could, potentially, become my friend.

Olson is offering me something that nobody else has yet – a Facebook group for some of the best ad people in Minneapolis. And maybe a place to work, who knows? Most people on Olson’s friend list have never worked there, but they are still aligning themselves with the agency. That’s a coup.

I actually interviewed at Olson years ago, really liked the place and would still be interested in working there (hint, hint). Now I am, in my non-pseudonymous form, in their network. And I am impressed that they used Facebook this inventively.

It hasn’t been enough to get me to send in my book and resume to Olson yet, but I am sorely tempted.


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