the biz is burned out

I am burned out.

I have not had a vacation since late March which, I am sure, does not seem like that much time to some. At this agency it is. I like the work, feel like I am making a difference and all that good stuff, but it is still hard. It’s a young agency. A lot of egos. A lot of drama. A lot of traveling (a non sequitur, but relevant to my burning out).

The working late every day and every weekend doesn’t help, but that’s sort of par for the course in the agency world. Just look at Agency Tart.

I need some dedicated fans…maybe even a mascot who follows me around with a boombox:

The good news is that I have a vacation coming up; nine days over Thanksgiving week that this guy will be going home to recharge the batteries, go to art shows and bum around the hometown and hang out with old friends and all in all come back with weird, cool and unusual stuff in my mind to spark my creativity.

I might even come back with something for The Pretty AE if it’s not too cheesy to do so.


One response to “the biz is burned out

  1. I’m pretty burnt myself from this search.
    I have a job to get up for on Wednesday.
    Nothing permanent. More of a try-out.
    But hey.
    I can’t wait to look forward to vacation.

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