that great viral idea? yeah, it was killed

As expected, the great viral idea that I was all sorts of jazzed about has been killed by the client.

This idea was on-strategy, utilized an outside interest-driver to get people interested about what is, plainly, and otherwise boring brand message, and was very funny. More importantly, it was very funny (the one sure-fire additive that makes viral actually viral). I still laugh when I think about it. Making this idea even better, the viral part fit seamlessly within the whole, multimedia campaign. It was a fantastic idea.

The client, of course, felt like their message was strong enough to stand on its own. In their mind, the creative was getting in the way. In our mind, the (pesky) creative was making a interesting, breakthrough and palatable to the consumer.

Clients love their product and bland marketing-speak messages about their product are, to them, compelling.

To consumers…not so much.

I knew this idea was going to get killed, but I am still crushed by the news.


5 responses to “that great viral idea? yeah, it was killed

  1. It’s a real shame we can’t see or know more about what the exact idea is/was, what with anonymousness and all.

    I enjoy funny things.

  2. It was great – a product being tested against itself, a famous and very funny comedian talking about the test, a twist at the end…classic stuff. We’ll probably pitch it for another client one of these days so stay tuned.

  3. I’m pretty intrigued, as well.
    Isn’t it great how… free, I guess, we can be with our creativity these days? It’s pretty solid not being limited to the mediums that were available to Ogilvy, Bernbach, and all those other schmucks. To take their knowledge and apply it to today – that’s when things really start happening.

  4. Buck up buddy.
    You’ll sell it to another client or you’ll realize it wasn’t as good as you thought it was.
    You’ll have another great idea that you will sell, that will get produced and you’ll win awards for it.
    Everybody gets great stuff killed.
    Try not to take it personally.
    Focus on the upcoming vacation.

  5. I am usually pretty good at not taking things like this personally, but whether it was the week at work or frustration in general because I really loved the idea and knew, despite the initial client-side excitement, that it was going to be killed even though I hoped it wouldn’t be…it got to me.

    I always think of the apocryphal story of a creative I know who, it is said, once had a similar experience and responded by throwing his desk out of his office window. THAT is an overreaction.

    Me, I just walked around with a storm cloud over my head and drank too much beer.

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