keeping everyone happy(ish)

Sometimes I feel like I am working in The Office, so close does life here match the show.

For example, I work with a girl that I have a secret crush on. We have a surprising number of incompetent people yet still manage to stay in business (and turn in impressive growth). We have someone who used to live on a farm and could talk bears with Dwight Schrute. Management is in a bit of disarray (as we try to adjust to the fact that we are growing faster than a malignant superbug in a science fiction movie).

It has been a challenge to keep everyone (and their egos) happy, especially the high performers. That is where management steps in. The latest gambit is an all-agency Town Hall meeting.

From an email from the muckety-mucks here at the House of Biz:

“It’s been a good year at [House of Biz], with a lot of growth, new business and great work. But with growth comes growing pains, questions and potential issues about any number of things. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we wanted to take some time to answer questions and discuss with the agency any topic that is on your mind. We will put a ballot box out in the reception area so that people can submit questions anonymously. From there we will have a company meeting to answer the questions and discuss the topics with the group.”

The real question, and this will affect the topics I will bring up, is will these submissions be read beforehand or just on the day?

Because if they are read for the first time at the meeting, this is going to be a lot of fun.

A lot of fun.


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