plagiarism or honest similarities?

An astute reader called out the Neuf Music ads as plagiarism.

Intrigued, and because nobody can say that The Daily (Ad) Biz doesn’t follow a lead, I looked into this…and came back with artist Christian Marclay and his 1991 “Body Mix” series:


There is no doubt that there are significant similarities between his work and the Neuf Music work, but plagiarism? You’d have a better case with the Sony Bravia ads by Fallon UK than with these…at least in that case the production company knew the artist in question.

Even if Agence V knew about Marclay’s work, does that make it plagiarism?

Taking a post-modernist “nothing is original” stance, everything is based on and inspired by and comes from and has been influenced by something. Directly or indirectly. And sometimes different people independently come up with similar ideas.

Plagiarism, this is not. Being most un-generous, one could call the Neuf Music work unoriginal (until more information comes to light…I will keep digging).

A great catch by the reader though. You win an image of a gold EFFIE for effectiveness as an advertising sleuth.


Well done.


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