neuf music shows zune how it’s done

Sometimes (okay, relatively often), I come across an ad campaign that I really wish I had a hand in. This is one of them:


The art direction is striking, the visuals are extremely compelling and the tagline brings it all together – Make your mix. Perfectly and succinctly said.

These ads cast a broad net in terms of their appeal, while still creating something that an audiophile could love. Or tear out of a magazine and put up on their wall.

This is the sort of work that Zune needed. You know, for their personalization strategy.

Work by Agence V, Paris.


2 responses to “neuf music shows zune how it’s done

  1. plagiarism alert!

    i was just at the rock and roll exhibit at the chicago museum of contemporary art and there was a piece that used just that technique (mixed up album covers) to that effect. funnily enough, at the time i thought it would be delicious to (re)use the idea for a music brand. looks like someone may have had the same thought.

    of course i would have hired and credited the artist. hope agence v did.

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