deadlines help my creativity

This morning I had one of those moments that I used to have all the time when I was a young(er) creative. I had one of those moments where I walk in the office, look at the ideas that seemed so great the night before and realize, with a sinking feeling (actually, with a gripping fear that is rending my very being), that what I have is complete crap and that I have nothing I feel good about presenting.

Luckily, deadlines help my creativity.

I am glad that I had this moment. It means that I am not mailing it in, not getting stuck in a rut with my work. And for that, I blame this blogging thing. It has connected me – electronically at least – with a few very smart new people and they have, without really knowing it, challenged me to make sure that my work is a fresh and creative as it can be.

Today, as I feel a bit like my younger self, is a perfect day to give a call-out to a couple of blogs by some other young ad bloggers.

First up is Comma Heavy by a Canadian copywriter who is trying to break (back) into the industry.

There is also Writer’s Coin, a blog that, during the week, masquerades as a consideration on writing and finance, but on Friday turns into a place for him to get feedback on some of his ad ideas.


2 responses to “deadlines help my creativity

  1. What a wouldn’t give for a deadline…
    Thanks for the plug, pal.

    And that whole ‘posting ads on Friday for feedback’ thing is a good idea. Yoink!

  2. Thanks for the plug as well. I am aware that I need to add more advertising content to balance out the blog. It’s a balance I’ve meant to have from the start but I just kind of slacked on I guess.

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