bad memories and good work from bbdo

I think that advertising is a good thing. People want to feel something about the products they buy, people want to know about new products and services, advertising keeps a lot of good content free and, self-servingly, advertising pays my bills. What’s not to like about it?

Ads like this (via Agency Tart) are what not to like about it:

Not because it is a bad ad (it is a good ad), but because it is the kind of ad that, in high school, would inevitably run whenever I got a girl back to my place and we were hunkering down on the couch. Echoing Agency Tart, I don’t want to know about this crap. Especially not when it is killing my pathetic high school game. I get shivers just thinking about how often this would happen.

Had the storyline of this ad happened in my actual life, High School Biz would have reacted just how the guy did.

Though the idea of me in a girl’s bedroom when I was at his tender young age does take some imagination.

Anyway, this ad hits at a human truth in a funny way. And still talks about the product benefit. Good work from Clemenger BBDO.


One response to “bad memories and good work from bbdo

  1. This is one of those spots that could have been killed by bad casting.
    Kudos to them for finding a teenage boy (and a director) who knew not to take this over the top. It makes it so much funnier.

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