negativity sells, on ad blogs at least

Agency Spy, has the goods on a post by Russell Davies about angry ad bloggers:

“You wonder how to fill your 460 words every week you quickly realise that the easiest way out is to pick fault, poke holes and point fingers. Let’s face it, no-one’s going to run out of material pointing out the inadequacies of the advertising industry. But it’s starting to bore me, and, I imagine, you.”

There is a Part Deux to the post, which means that the commentary has been good, bringing in, as it has, some of the top ad bloggers to comment.

As you would expect, they’re always a good read.

While part of me agrees that the snark and bitchiness is getting a little old, I find, like Agency Spy does, that the bitching gets the hits. The ‘Spy, of course, is like the industry’s Perez Hilton, and that’s why it’s such a good read.

So why do people say they don’t like the bitchiness and then always click on it?

Because ad bitchiness, like this gem from Copyranter, hits a nerve with people in (and out of) the biz that can relate because we live the shit of the job every single day. It’s also written by a seasoned professional, which helps.

The take of this non-major ad blogger on the negativity question: I don’t write to fill any word quota. I don’t write to fill any post quota. I write because I really like to (you may have figured as much from what I do for a living) and I write about advertising because it’s what I do and therefore something I know. Also, writing about it can help to get out some anger, focus my thinking on a project, or act as a cry for help. So if I get negative, it’s for a good reason…at least in my mind.

And if you don’t like it, well, ask me if I care.

As for others who get negative, they’re getting readers, at least for AdScam (I’m one of them). So are the more think piece, less angry blogs. Each one has a niche – that’s how they get, and retain, readers.

It’s marketing, baby!

I love this business.


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