chiat/day plays beyond

Classic adage from the ad game: Even the best advertising can’t save a bad product.

What if the product isn’t bad, but rather targeted to too narrow of a market segment and late to the game? Like Sony’s Playstation 3.

Launched later than Microsoft’s XBox 360 console and carrying a hefty price tag because of the built-in Blueray player (another specification battle that Sony is trying to win), the Playstation, like the XBox, appeals to hard-core gamers that care about the machine’s videogaming heft. It is a market that is shrinking.

That doesn’t mean that the PS3 is a bad product. Far from it. It’s more a damaged product in that it is facing serious marketplace challenges. And it means that Sony (and agency TBWA/Chiat/Day) have some work to do to overcome the timing, price and Nintendo issues that it faces.

The question is, can advertising do the job?

More specifically, can this advertising do the job:


If any advertising can, it’s this. Strategically bold in claiming the gaming high-ground from XBox and directly targeting the core gamer, this spot is also creatively stunning. As Madvertising comments, this is motion design at its finest. But its more than that. The tone is perfect, the visuals make me want to see just how good the graphics and games are (and I’m not even a video game guy) and the music reinforces the idea that this is the only game console for a serious gamer.

Will it be enough to overcome the marketplace challenges that Sony is facing? Perhaps. With even a third of the game console market, that’s a lot of money to be made (and, perhaps more importantly, a lot of Blueray players out there).


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