advergaming with dr pepper

Dr Pepper is touting the fact that it is the first brand to create an advergame for the iPhone. The game, Matchcaps, is designed specifically for the Safari browser native to the iPhone.


Said Andrew Springate of Dr Pepper marketing, “there’s always more to Dr Pepper. Consumers want enhanced access to fun and games on their iPhones, and Dr Pepper will be the very first to deliver it to them.”

Ignoring the lame marketing-speak that says nothing while trying desperately hard to sound like it is saying something, there is something to this.

The game is free, it is easy to play on the iPhone (no mean feat) and, most importantly, it doesn’t annoy me by popping out at me or demanding that I watch/play it before getting to something that I really want to do. It is added value from a brand, marketing that I want delivered to me – unobtrusive and (surprisingly) engaging.

What is says about or does for the Dr Pepper brand, I don’t know. But at least it’s not a pop-up.

Excuse me while I spend the rest of my afternoon playing the game.


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