david lubars & googling your own name

There is an ad bloggers group on Facebook that is having a discussion about good unknown ad blogs.

I found out about this not because I am a member – it would give up my prized anonymity, which could easily result in The Pretty AE getting wind of my unwholesome designs on her from somebody who is not me – but because I am still a newbie blogger who is over-interested in looking at my blog’s stats. Those stats include incoming links.

Head over to the link and check it out, there are some good ones that I like to read (The Toad Stool, Agency Tart, and Agency Spy among them). One word of caution: reading too much of these blogs in any one sitting is likely to leave you thinking that you know absolutely nothing about advertising. At least that’s what it did to me.

The good news is that I am described as “young.” Since my brother has been making fun of me for being all too close to 30, that really made my day.

At any rate, I have also noticed that the stats capture the search terms that people use to find my blog.

Knowing how often I Google search my own name (in the vain hope that there might be a Photoshopped photo of me and a movie star on Gawker or something), it is funny to think that famous ad people search for theirs.

Like David Lubars.

I say that because “Lubars + BBDO” has been a search term that has led at least one visitor to my blog almost since I began.

I know, I know, many people could be searching using that criteria. After all, BBDO is huge and David Lubars is, quite rightly, famous. But I know David Lubars. And I know myself.

And I know that at least one of those was him.

Just like I know that, once I get as famous and successful, I will do the same thing.


5 responses to “david lubars & googling your own name

  1. That would be me who told people to read your blog.
    Not sure if anyone is making much use of that group, but I’m trying.
    I was hoping it would get you some exposure. Even if you don’t know enough to know that making fun of New Jersey is soooo 1990s.

    BTW, I’m always amazed at how people find my blog. For instance, about 6 months ago I posted about a misspelling in one of those “really good” Ketel One ads and I still get a half dozen hits a day from people googling “Ketel One 50 Top Movies.”

    Who knew?

  2. I appreciate your plug of my blog – I don’t know that I deserve it, but I am thankful for it. And I wasn’t trying to make fun on New Jersey just to make fun of it. I was trying to make a point (granted, based only on anecdotal evidence of my one trip to the Jersey shore) that, sadly for New Jersey, could have been construed as making fun of the place.

    I loved New Jersey when I visited the area around Princeton and the southern part of the state. It absolutely is more than the drive to Liberty Airport and the Jersey shore.

    Of course, as you point out, I am from Minnesota, so who am I to talk trash about another state? Though, if you visit anytime but the (nine-month long) winter, you’ll fall in love with it…

    But isn’t every state more than the stereotype? And isn’t that why they bring ad agencies in to build up the “brand” of the state?

    Apparently, both Minnesota and New Jersey need new agencies.

  3. I can guarantee that David Lubars has never googled himself. More likely is that one of his family members googled him (or created a Google Alert for “lubars + bbdo”).

  4. Perhaps…but isn’t it much more fun to think that Lubars cares as much as the rest of us?

  5. yes 🙂

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