lunch with the pretty ae

I should have spent the morning and early afternoon finishing up some work. Instead, I slept until about noon, told The Pretty AE (a white lie) that I was in her neighborhood, and asked her for lunch. She gave in to my almost limitless charm and said yes. Best lunch I may have ever had (even though I had to kick around her neighborhood for an hour until she was ready).

Gets me all sorts of pumped up for my work today.



4 responses to “lunch with the pretty ae

  1. You have to tell her how you feel. Because either it’s reciprocated and she’ll be thrilled. Or it’s not, in which case you’re wasting your time.

    Let’s hope it’s the former.

  2. I’d take it as a good sign that it took an hour for her to get all gussied up for you. Either that or she’s a self-involved you-know-what that doesn’t deserve the time of day from you.

  3. Steve: I love where your head is at and I will absolutely take it as a good thing that she took so long to get ready.

    Toad: You are also right. But it is complicated by the working together (in a small agency) thing and the having hooked up with her friend situation. But…we are watching the Pats – Colts this afternoon and you just never know what might come out of my mouth when th beer starts to flow. That’s why I rarely actually drink with clients. I order water and pretend it’s vodka.

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