photo shoot swag

The Biz is at a photo shoot this morning.

It is for a liquor client that we have, and I will spend the morning with clients who (inexplicably) like me a lot. I will also watch as we take pictures of a $900 bottle of champagne. I am certain to spend the entire morning wondering A) who gets the champagne as swag and B) if I do get the champagne as swag, is it tacky to sneak it into a nightspot (and, as a sub-bullet to B, if I do sneak the bottle in will it attract only hookers, or is there potential for some drunken upper crust socialites as well?).

There will also be significant time spent wondering if the champagne would taste better with The Pretty AE or worse because I know that, no matter how expensive the champagne, I am not James Bond and thus very unlikely to close the deal.


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