advertising is for complaining

Every agency has its characters. Mine is no different.

The character currently under my skin is the Italian Art Director who, never known for her work ethic, just “remembered” that she had to leave tonight at 6:15pm to get to “some thing that was scheduled.” Which sounds suspiciously like how she “remembered” that she had a “wedding” last week and would be out of the office for three days.

And then she got “sick” for the other two days.

It’s okay, she’s a sub-par designer anyway. We will have more luck on this pitch – yep, it’s a new business pitch that I was silly enough to offer to help on and am now re-writing some print ads for – without her. But still.

What does it take to get fired around here?


3 responses to “advertising is for complaining

  1. There may be green card issues and they feel compelled to keep her around.

  2. I hope that’s it. Actually, I hope that she secretly is doing great work on projects that I am not aware of.

    There are always a few people like her at agencies (at least at the ones I’ve worked at) – the ones that you never really know why they are still employed and you make up excuses for them, like “it must cost too much to find a new Art Director” or, “she’s been here a while and they are rewarding loyalty.”

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