social networking advertising is still advertising

I like to get the daily update emails from the trades because, especially on a day when I am hungover from going out in a ridiculous cowboy costume until the late hours, it’s a whole lot easier than searching this information out.

In that very booze-addled though is the genius behind much of this web 2.0 thing.

It’s the social networking part of web 2.0 that I am not convinced about, especially as a vehicle for advertising. Promo magazine reports that “marketers are aware of the impact that social media marketing can have on their overall program, but view it is uncharted territory, not worthy of their budget.” This sounds like a case of marketers not understanding the technology and not understanding how to identify and present the ROI of an social networking campaign.

When it really should be a case of marketers walking the other way.

Yes, word of mouth is the most persuasive of all marketing, but what makes brands think that they can just put some information or a promotion on a MySpace page and call it a day? People have to want to receive that information – like I want to receive the trade news – and brands usually don’t have anything interesting for their consumers.

Except for their products.

If I am a passionate advocate of your brand, I will talk about it with my friends and on my social networking site. If I run into your brand on my social networking site, it’s just like watching a commecial on TV – it’s just another interruption of something that I am doing.

Brands need to remember that.


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