all advertising is not created equal (sorry, y&r)

The Writers Guild of America looks like they are going on strike, and AdPulp is on the case.

The writers’ main complaint is, no surprise, being underpaid. Specifically, they think that they are undercompensated on DVDs and new media.

As a writer who gets only a salary (and, with every check, gazes out the window with thoughts of residuals, royalties and sugar plum fairies dancing in my head), I feel for them. Writers deserve to live lavishly. Yes, that was a blatantly self-serving comment.

Ask me if I care.

AdPulp sympathizes as well:

“Those of us who toil in Adlandia receive zero residuals for the work we do; yet the work we do makes brands and agency principals rich. Maybe it’s time we form a union.”

I am anti-union not only because it would level the compensation, making my work as valuable monetarily as the schlock out of an agency like Y&R, but because it would make the small shops just as expensive to run as the large shops.

As a small shop guy, I don’t mind making less than I would at a career black hole like Grey or Y&R because I am doing fun work. Being less expensive gives us a chance (for some clients who love the big agencies, our only chance) to make a run at bigger business.

Not that the ‘Pulp was seriously plumping for an advertising union…I just thought that I would throw in my two cents. It’s what a blog is for.

And your two cents is what the comments section is for. I am curious what others think on this. If you’re shy you can also email me at dailybizblog (at)


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