dressing up is good for you

I love Halloween. Besides the candy and utter pointlessness of the holiday, every adult woman’s costume is preceded by a “sexy-” and that includes The Pretty AE’s take on Little Red Riding Hood (yes, she is a sexy-Little Red Riding Hood). It looked a lot sexier on Saturday night at the bar than it does today in the office, but I am still a fan.

A big fan.

She is so damn good looking, costume or not.

Anyway, Adfreak thinks that it’s time the 18% of us adults in America who dress up for Halloween to grow up. I say that, beyond the plus that is eye candy for sketchy bloggers like the daily (ad) biz, dressing up and celebrating silly holidays reinforces the idea of a creative environment – it forces everyone to act silly, do things they wouldn’t usually do and think creatively.

In an agency environment above all, dressing up and having fun should be encouraged.

Especially when costume ideas take from famous ads, as my “cat herder” cowboy does from Fallon’s famous ad for EDS:

“When you bring a whole campaign in and you haven’t lost a-one of your executions…there’s no feeling like it.”

I also really like the cowboy hat.


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