ddb makes garmin spooky

Just in time for Halloween, DDB Milan has come out with a campaign for Garmin that takes spooky mainstream. Not that spooky was their point:

garmin-lampione-scuro.jpg garmin-semaforo-scuro.jpg

Granted, the photography (by Winkler and Noah) and art direction (by Francisco Fallisi) are striking…but the women in the ads look like waifish city nymphs that may or may not be alive (and, as such, may or may not be about to steal my soul if I were to follow their directions…though, depending on how things went before the soul stealing, I might not mind). They properly scare me.

I like the simple copy, but am not sure what, exactly, “a seductive navigator” means with respect to a GPS system. Its design is nothing special. It doesn’t make driving any more silky than any other GPS. Perhaps it gives directions in the waifish scary city nymph voice.

There are elements here to like, but I don’t know what it is saying.

I do know that it is perfect for Halloween.


2 responses to “ddb makes garmin spooky

  1. Can anyone tell me when and in what country these ads were released?

  2. I can. They are Italian and were released in late October 2007.

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